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I enjoy helping people to define and obtain their highest goals.

I do my utmost to be extremely responsive and attentive to my friends, clients and associates. I am diligent, responsible and amiable.

I am an extrovert and gain energy from interaction with other people. I enjoy meeting new people, public speaking and welcome new opportunities.

I enjoy working with technology. I find new, more efficient, more productive ways of accomplishing tasks and helping people.

I value education and personal growth for myself and for those I care about. Encouraging others in these areas is part of my personal calling and feels effortless.

I enjoy variety whether it is books, movies, relationships, food or music. I am a longtime lover of reading and in the past decade audio books.

I am a friend and counselor. One of my greatest joys is seeing someone learn, grow and succeed.

● I am an excellent salesman when I believe strongly in the product. Belief in a product (like home ownership, technological innovation, or education) leads to passion for the product and passion for helping people enjoy the benefits it brings.

● Personal face to face relationship with all buyers and sellers. I am blessed to consider most of my former clients as friends and I always want and work for what is best for them.

● 15 years as a top 5 agent with 50 STATES Realty with consistent multi-million dollar annual sales results.

● Currently the top producing agent with 50 STATES Realty.

● Specializing in Web development and marketing of real estate listings for sellers including custom property and community websites. Websites include:,,,, and many others.

● Specializing in Web tools empowering home buyers with the skills and technology for finding and investigating properties including multiple diverse search tools, domains, web pages and mobile web tools.

● A pioneer in the paperless office for real estate professionals utilizing the best tools available including: iPad, tablet PC, 4G connectivity, internet fax, collaborative internet, Gmail and Google voice technology.

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address11022 N 28th Dr, Suite 280
Phoenix, AZ 85029
state license #SA111359000

Company Info

50 STATES Realty

Designations & Awards

Top Selling Agent for 50 STATES Realty Multiple Years
Technology Trainer for 50 STATES Realty
B.A. and M.A.



My wife and I have worked with David over the years on both buying and selling of our personal homes as well as several investment properties. His guidance in helping us make educated and informed decisions always made us feel comfortable and helped us… (more)


David help us buy our home. We were very specific about where we wanted to find a home and what our budget was. David showed us many homes that fit with what we were looking for. He did not pressure us to look at any home we were not interested in or to make… (more)


David helped me purchase a home through my LLC, he was very much invloved with my legal team out of Florida and we closed on time and since have closed on another property. If you need someone who can get the job done I would recommend David to anyone. If you… (more)

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